Unconsciously Conscious

If you unconsciously live a conscious life, you can never be poor. We tend to measure ourselves against conditioned references connected to past experiences and judgments.  These experiences determine what we think about ourselves and how we view the world around us.  This constant measuring distracts us from the present moment. This moment should be our … Continue reading

Figures Taking Action

As adults, we tend to develop habits that limit the range of what we think is possible in our lives. In order to combat this tendency- we must boost creativity by doing something spontaneous, ideally every day.  I’m not supporting reckless behavior, but rather encouraging the development of an almost “childlike” state of mind.  Embrace … Continue reading

Whales in Cubicles

What are you paying for when you pay for an education? …that depends on what you expect to gain from receiving one.  Of course when you are the parent paying for the education- you rightly want to see that money translate into a high paying career for your student- perhaps leading into something traditionally promising such … Continue reading

Living to Feel Alive

We live to feel alive. Speeding to feel the risk of breaking a law, gambling to question stability, drinking to hinder our inhibitions, and building our finances to gain control. Greed and lust are two of the most prominent sensations that drive us as a society and contribute significantly to this nation’s economic stability. Sensations … Continue reading

Commitment to Win

What nearly kills us – might make us substantially stronger. Three years after his diagnosis with testicular cancer, Lance Armstrong was back on his bike to win the ’99 Tour de France.  A whopping ten years later, he is still competing in the Tour.  So- why are some of us fixed with a longer-lasting durability … Continue reading

Intoxicating Air

Life activates from breath. Our bodies rely on tiny unconscious respirations of air for survival.  Just a few moments of conscious breathing can set the mind at ease, release built tension in the muscle, and generate strength to ascend from the core.  Vocal lessons and teachings of Zen Masters such as Ven Gunaratana have inspired … Continue reading

Politicking Judicious Design

Design represents the interconnectedness of the universe; forms existing within a space that is indeterminate. The Constructivist art movement of the twentieth century gave rise to a united formal and ideological expression. This movement expanded the definition of an artist and what an artist could do. In particular, the artist El Lissitzky helped initiate the … Continue reading

Paying Dues to Attention

Out of practice, out of habit. We spend our days collecting pounds of trash to store inside our wandering minds.  Passing the hours practicing habits- how many years of repetition will it take until we realize what we are doing?  We are just getting by.  Sure, our lives look great to the outsider- we’ve got … Continue reading

Scaling Mountains

We do the most growing when we are busy shrinking. Although I am thinking this while slipped into a Nanette Lepore dress & Kate Spades, sipping crisp champagne inside the luxury district of Vancouver… I would most eagerly strap on my Tenba & Tevas– to set foot up a mountain trail.  As our ego dissolves, … Continue reading

Justice For All

“Sometimes people come into our lives and we are never ever the same.” The painted text drips over an old picture frame next to my uncle’s bed.  Inside the frame holds a photograph of a past lover- a love that once thrived for a moment so brief but vanished from neglect and was slowly lost. … Continue reading